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Anti-Static bar

Anti-static bar produced by Martignoni Elettronica

There are industrial areas in which it is necessary to use particularly advanced equipment in order not only to guarantee the safety of people, but also to remedy some "collateral" problems that may appear in the production cycle and affect the quality and the efficiency of the production line.

This is the case, for example, of the production of particularly insulating products (paper, plastic, synthetic and other fabrics) which, especially due to handling, can be charged superficially with static electricity.

This electricity, proportional to the extension of the charged surface, leads to even high potential differences (of the order of 10,000,000 volts) and can cause not only damage to the electronic equipment that is on board the production equipment, but by discharging itself, it can also damage people, as well as giving rise to phenomena of unwanted movement of the parts due to the forces of attraction and rejection due to electric charges.

For some time now, a technological innovation has been introduced that allows to solve the problem. We are talking about the so-called antistatic bar which, by irradiating the affected part with an ionizing flow, will allow us to capture electrons and thus "discharge" the part of static surface electricity. 

How does the anti-static-bar work?

The anti-static bar is normally mounted on the line so as to intercept the electrostatic charges from the pieces that run in front of it and thus unload the negative charges on the ground.

It is an innovation that exploits a physical phenomenon known for centuries, uniting it with the most advanced technology.

Martignoni Elettrotecnica has created an antistatic bar that has numerous ionization points, to make sure that the irradiation is as complete as possible and, consequently, the neutralization of the charges is equally effective.

There is something almost magical about this electrostatic bar that secures our production lines and our products. In reality there is only the study of physics combined with the technological perfection of a cutting-edge, safe and reliable product.