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24V Anti-Static bar

Ionization as a solution to electrostatic charge problems

More and more frequently, in industrial processes involving production details whose material is particularly insulating, special ionizing equipment is used.

This is to neutralize the electrostatic charges which, by rubbing, are generated on the surface of the pieces, above all during the handling phases.

The Martignoni Elettrotecnica 24V anti-static bar serves precisely this purpose: to intercept the electrostatic surface charges present on the pieces produced and neutralize them, discharging them to the ground.

A seemingly simple operation that is performed through the anti-static bar, which is made with excellent components and technological innovation.

The anti-static bar: how it works

This is where the ionization that was discussed at the beginning of the article comes into play. The ionization, in fact, is the basis of the operation of the antistatic bars. The ionizing current generated by the bar, in fact, appropriately directed in the direction of the piece being produced, will discharge the surface from the electron charge present here, neutralizing it and discharging it "on the ground".

It will be possible to perceive the ionizing current by touch because the flow of electrons that will settle from the piece to the antistatic bar is perceived by our body as a light breeze.

A solution, found by Martignoni Elettronica, which builds on the foundations of physics to be put into practice into a complex, reliable and complete product that has gained a leading position in the sector of the production of insulating materials, in especially paper, plastic and synthetic fabrics, particularly subject to the phenomenon of electrostatic charge.

The 24V antistatic bar is, as the name implies, powered at 24 volts, due to the greater diffusion of the auxiliary power supply to this operating voltage, in most industrial electrical panels. The Martignoni 24V Antistatic bar is certainly an easy, effective and safe solution for all the neutralization requirements of electrostatic charges.