The use of static electricity has achieved, over the years, results and technologies unthinkable a few years ago.

In fact, with static electricity, the most varied and interesting operations can be carried out, both at industrial and domestic level.

And to think that static electricity has always been part of human history, if we consider that the ancient Greeks already knew it in depth. Among the uses of static electricity there is the one dedicated to making two or more easily perishable materials adhere or detach without the use of any adhesive or mechanical tool.

This use is made explicit through the use of an tool called a Charging Bar. Martignoni Elettrotecnica has several models in the catalog, all made with the best materials and components and, therefore, perfectly reliable and long lasting.

The charging bar is composed of two elements: a generator and an electrostatic charge applicator.

The current is then generated inside the first stage of the generator and directed to the pieces through the applicator which, given its shape, concentrates the static current in a single point, in a concentrated manner. The tip should be kept at a distance of about twenty / thirty centimeters from the surface of the object.

At the beginning of the operation it will be possible to decide the polarity of the charge. If, for example, the task to be performed is to make two different surfaces adhere, it will be necessary to load one of the two surfaces with a positive charge, while the other will be charged with a negative charge. This will allow the two parties to join temporarily, This will allow the two parties to join temporarily, given the two opposite charges that will therefore attract each other. Otherwise, if two parts are to be separated, it will be sufficient to load them with the same polarity, applying the physical law which states that two parts loaded with the same polarity repel each other. The use of the charging bar is, therefore, rather simple, as is not the product of Martignoni. The charging bar of Martignoni Elettrotecnica, in fact, is a real concentration of technology and research that puts this product at the forefront in the best positions on the market.